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Classes forming for 
FALL 2022

Welcome to all of our future students!

multi-dimensional education

Multidimensional learning means that our teachers use all means possible for sharing knowledge and evaluating understanding.  Every student has an opportunity to receive information in the learning style that suits them.  Students get to interact with knowledge and explore ideas before demonstrating their understanding in a manner appropriate for their skills and talents. Goals are set for each student's learning outcomes, rather than class wide expectations.  Our academic content is challenging and concrete, allowing students unlimited growth opportunity. 

Students thrive when they are respected as people with unique and diverse talents!

Flexible Scheduling
Homeschool Hybrids


Students can participate at Thrive Academy as full day or part-time students.  A full day of education with others is not always the right choice for students.  We work with families to create the optimal learning experience for every child.  

Open Enrollment

Applications for admission to Thrive Academy for the 2022-2023 school year are now available. 

With classes of just 10-15 students, space is limited.  We'd love to chat with you about the needs of your student and family! Please join us for one of our Family Meet & Greets scheduled throughout the summer.

LATEST NEWS....coming soon



Return soon to see the happy faces of our summer camp students!!

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